Tuesday, May 6, 2014


A lot has been happening and lately it's sort of taken over the place of actually blogging regularly.  I'm not sure anyone cares about that but it's been pretty crazy around here.

Our house is STILL under construction.   I've sort of found a way to deal with having everything out of place but it doesn't mean I like it.   We've become so comfortable with people coming in and out of the house all day while doing what they need to get done.   We are finally getting close to being done though.   This week was the flooring.   We had to have new hardwood flooring installed and that in itself is a several day project.   We're on day 3 right now and looks like there will be a couple more yet.  

I wrote this post on the weekend and the floors are actually done now!  

Lots of details left.   We can't really finish it until they finish the kitchen since we have our pantry in there.  You can't even see half of the room but you get the idea.

In the process, they did take down one of the walls in Makenzie's room and because of that, she was able to have her room painted a new color.   She picked another purple color that is more vibrant then the previous one.  I thought it would be a great opportunity to update her room and make her room look a little "older" but when I asked her if she'd like to go shopping for a new bedding she said "Can I just get the same bedding I have now, but just a little bit different color?"   Obviously she is content with what she has so we will be keeping it for now.

In running news, we have finally hit taper.   I did not successfully do a second 20 miler.   The week I was supposed to do it, I came down with a bad cold and could barely breath so I got some miles in and called it an early taper.  We will see how that plays out of marathon day.   I also keep getting emails about the Fox Cities Marathon training starting soon.   Soon as in the weekend after the Green Bay Marathon.   Not cool.   I don't even get one week off?!

I'm still lifting!  Now that I'm finally understanding the machines and feeling comfortable in the gym for the most part, it's getting better.   This week my main goal was to make it uncomfortable again but only with the weight I'm lifting.  This past week was the first week that I felt a little discouraged though.   My gains are so small in my arms and I am trying very hard to accept that they just don't gain easily like some other people do.

I also finally chopped off my hair.   It was getting so long it was choking me while I was sleeping.   Every day I would take it down and it would be stuck in my hair ties.   I was so over it so I cut a lot of it off!  Something like 10 inches they said.   It has never felt better to have less hair.   The only thing so far that bothers me is when I'm running, it swings back and forth a lot and also hits the back of my neck.   I'm going to have to figure something out before marathon day because I can just see that driving me nuts the entire time.



School.  It's going!  I have about 2 weeks left of the first class/clinicals and everything is going smoothly.   I did have one extremely stressful day at the nursing home but I worked through it, learned from it and moved on from it.   I had a lot of conversation with my instructor about it as well and she talked me through it and gave me support.  This summer I'm taking just one internet class and then in the fall I have a full load of classes with 12 credits and that's how it should continue until I am done in December of next year...not that I'm counting down or anything.

I also got a new job!  I wasn't really planning on working during my time with school but a job opportunity came up that I thought would be a really great compliment to my schooling so I went for it...and got it.   I will be working at a medical center here as a patient services representative.   The hours are casual so they should work out with also going to school and having kids.   I'm so excited to be in a hospital/clinic setting.  It's an "In" to a hospital and gives me the opportunity to advance into the LPN position when I get to that point.


  1. I really like the short hair on you! Also the house is coming along nicely, soon enough it will be over.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new hair! It is absolutely gorgeous! The home reno sounds like a PITA but hopefully the finished project will be worth it! My humble opinion is take the first week of the new marathon training off. If you are coming off another marathon, you need rest more than training. Just my $.2 though!

  3. New visitor and fellow Cocogo Ambassador :) Love the new cut and congrats on the job!

  4. Oh I love your hair cut it looks perfect on you. I keep thinking about chopping mine. Although mine doesn't choke me at night so maybe I should wait another couple months. My daughter just got new bedding and I was so happy I talked her out of Monster high and into something that she won't grow out of so fast.