Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Oshkosh Half Marathon + Seven More Miles

This weekend was the first of two 20 milers that we have on the schedule for the Cellcom Marathon training plan.   I'm not entirely positive I will get the second 20 miler in because the morning they are doing that, I have clinicals from 6am until 2pm....that sort of gets in the way.   I might be able to get it in on Sunday (twss) but you just never really know if that'll happen or not.

This weekends plan was for Kim, Rachel, Matt and I to meet at 5am to run 7 before the race and then finish up with the 13.1 race so that we would be done running by 9:10am.   I woke up at the ass crack of dawn to hear wind and rain blowing on my bedroom windows.   Shit.

I got up and went to drink coffee.   A little bit later, I get a message saying Rachel is sick and not racing.   Kim wasn't going to do the extra mileage and Matt was still willing to meet for the 7 before the race.   I hesitated in saying okay but I did and then I went up to pee before leaving only to hear down pouring rain on the roof above the bathroom.   I went back downstairs and told Matt I was waiving my white flag and that I'd see him at the start of the race instead.   I fell back to sleep for a good 30 minutes and then got up and tiredly got ready again.  I drank a little more coffee because dammit, I was tired and then out the door I went.  Thankfully the rain had stopped and the weather was looking decent.

I got to the race and found Matt very quickly.   Parking is not an issue at all for this race.  You get really close to the start no matter when you get there.   As soon as I got there, Matt got out of his car and told me that now Kim wasn't replying to his text messages so he was assuming she wasn't coming at all either.   Looks like it just the two of us!  We both noted how cool it felt and questioned what to wear.   I threw another shirt on.   We went to the restroom yet again before the race and at that point it was already time to go line up.   Before we knew it the race started and we were running.

Almost immediately something felt terrible.   I've been having these terrible under the rib cramp and entire stomach pain while running lately and it was back.   I didn't say anything to Matt at all.   I didn't want to believe it was real.   I was like .25 of a mile into the day and it was bad.  I wanted to throw up the pain was that bad.   Close to a mile in, I told him.   He had no idea that I had been running with it from the start so he said "Maybe you can run it off"  which is typically what you can do but I honestly wanted to vomit.   At mile one, Lish was at one of the water stations so I took a layer off and threw it at her as I passed.   That was a really nice option to have.

Right at one mile we quickly stopped to walk.   Already.   Lame.   Matt stayed with me though so I didn't feel like a loser that badly then.   At least I had a friend.   Walking didn't seem to be helping so finally I just said "I don't know what to do" and started to run again.   Eventually by mile 3 the pain was gone.  It was glorious.   Unfortunately, Matt then started to get some pretty bad knee pain so at mile 3 we took another quick walk break.   I took this chance to drink some Cocogo (what I run with for all of my long runs) and eat some honey stinger gummies.    We didn't walk long and started running again.   We kept with the 3 mile plan the entire time and it worked really well.   He would stop at the water station to fill his water bottle at that point and I would drink some more Cocogo and eat more Honey Stingers.  We kept the pace completely easy and conversational the whole race.  Only at one point did I feel winded and I think it was just from talking too much.   I told Matt that I needed to shut up for a minute to catch my breath and it worked.

Matt and I run like this all of the time.   He pulls me about 95% of the time.
He claims I drift off of him.
Before we knew it, it was close to the end.   I enjoyed the last few miles of passing people.   Usually I was always so tired by the end that I was being passed but I told Matt that if we did this right, we should be able to pass people the last few miles and that's exactly what we did.   It was fun to feel strong at that point.  We picked it up a lot the last mile and ran it in strong.  We finished under 2:09 feeling great.

Because of me being a pansy that morning, I still had 7 miles to get done.   We all parted ways to head home and I was heading home to get the last 7 miles in.   I felt ready for it and excited to get it done.    About 3 minutes into my drive home I got a message from Matt saying he'd run the last 7 with me too, otherwise he probably wouldn't get it done so that's what we did.   It was a little rough to run 13 miles, drive and then run 7 more miles but it went better then any other 20 miler I have ever had.

This week is a step back week and the long run is 16 miles which really doesn't seem like much of  a step back week to me...but whatever.   It's crazy we are already this far into the Cellcom training plan.  A couple more weeks and we are already to taper.   Yikes.   I wouldn't mind the weather staying cool for Cellcom but of course we'll be thrown some crazy wrench and it will either be 90 degrees or 45 mph winds.


  1. I'm still effing stick too. I can't tell you how bummed I was to miss the race. It would have been my 6th time running Oshkosh. :( I'm glad you had a good run though!

  2. I HATE when I don't do any extra miles early and have to do them after, but I am super impressed you got it in (twss) after such a rough race! Reading about your first mile basically was my whole run today. Well, every day.

  3. Rain is my nemesis lately. For some reason, I hear it and want to hide under a blanket. Great job on finishing strong at your race -- love your outfit too. And 16 miles doesn't seem like an easy week to me either. Ah, the perspective of marathon training!