Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Here are some bullets for you...

  • I have a 5k this Friday evening.   It was the 5k that I ran last year that I PR'ed at and swore I wouldn't run again but here I am doing it again.   Idiot.   The weather is looking splendid!  

                               I'm guessing a PR is not in the works for this race.   

  • I'm still lifting weights!   For the past month, I have only been doing weights at home with what I had but this just wasn't cutting it.   Since Monday, I have been going to the Y and doing Jamie Eason's Plan.   I'm sure I look like an idiot scoping out all the machine and trying to find the one I need to use and how to use it but eventually I will get it.   If anyone has any weight lifting programs/plans they use and have had great success with, let me know!    Here is my one month comparison.   Not much of a difference there...darn. 

  • Speed work seems to be working.   I have done intervals one day of each week and my pace is picking up.   That's always encouraging.   We did a 13 mile long run this past weekend and I felt great the whole time and felt even better the next day.   No soreness or anything (other then my tight hamstring) so I'm feeling pretty happy about that! 

  • I have a half marathon in a week and a couple days.   It's also the day we are supposed to do our first 20 mile training run for the Cellcom marathon.   I am thinking I will probably do 7 before the race like I did a couple years back during training.   The one sad part about this is that I wanted to race the Oshkosh Half Marathon and if I'm running 7 before hand, I certainly am not going to be as fast as I would like to be.   Once again, not much I can do about it though.  

  • This is all I have today and I don't really know how to end this post other then with a pointless bullet point.   The end. 


  1. Ooo, I think I remember Rachel telling me about that 5K last year. Didn't Kim have a massive PR, too?!

    I will have to look up Jamie Eason! Keep working those guns! (and other muscles, hee hee)

    That is fantastic that you felt so good after the long run! Who knows! Keep it up and you could PR the HM after an extra 7 ;)

  2. I hate those tough decisions about using races as training runs - it's like you know you SHOULD focus on the goal race..... but so tempting to just go for the PR! I've never done a night race - it's going on the bucket list. Good luck!