Tuesday, April 8, 2014

All of the good things....

Today was a good day!  Not every day feels as good but I feel like I accomplished a lot today.

First, I just finished my homework.   A lot of this class is self taught so I have tons of videos to watch and tons of my text book to read during the week.   We only meet for class one day right now and during class we go over some of the stuff from the videos and text book but most of it is practicing the procedures that we learned about from the videos and text book.   Soon we will also start clinicals where we will be going to a nursing home to put the skills learned to real life use.  

Second I managed to start the day off right by grabbing my balls and finally using the squat rack at the gym.   This thing is terribly intimidating to me but it really was easy once I got over my anxiety.   I'm still on track with my lifting schedule!  Shoulders and Abs tomorrow!

Third.   I ate this.   It was amazing.   You should make it.  Now.

Fourth.   I was able to run outside with shorts.   SHORTS!  This is the first time in probably 6 months!  The run was not exactly easy (today was legs day) but that's what you get after running over 20 miles this past weekend.  

Fifth.   I ran a 5k this past Friday and it sucked big time.   It was raining and sleeting and about 32 degrees with 30 mph winds.   I gave up at 1 mile in and had horrible stomach pains but whatevs!  On the positive side, I didn't look like I was going to puke at the finish line photo.   I don't look happy either.

 Another bonus?  Our front row parking.   We sat into the car until seconds before the start to keep warm.  I do not believe in becoming acclimated before running.

Sixth.   I found out Mike's getting promoted again at work.  He was just promoted in December and now he's going to get another nice raise.   This is perfect timing with me quitting my job to go back to school.   Thank you God.

Seventh (and last) good thing is this week our house should sort of get back to normal.   We are doing some renovations thanks to an ice damn in our attic above our kitchen and decided to also fix the bonus room we have.   We have always hated it.   There were so many things wrong with it that it needed to be gutted so after finishing my 18 mile run on Saturday, that's what I did.   Saturday and Sunday the transformation went something like this:

 The door that Mike is standing in for the last picture is no longer there.   It's boarded up and gone!  Previously they had plastered over a door!   You had a door on the outside of the house, but no door on the inside.   I would get packages delivered to this faux door all the time.

Now we are just waiting for the drywall and plastering guy to come on Thursday, Friday and possibly Saturday to put it all back together again.   I can not wait.


  1. Shorts! SHORTS! I am so excited for this turn of events. I am almost scared to embrace it. Glad you had a good day and things are looking sweet. That's a lot of stuff to get done.

  2. I love your finisih line death glare! It wouldn't be a race without one of those! ;)

    Mmmm that food looks good. I've been craving some fresh asparagus. My favorite!

  3. That's awesome that Mike got promoted! It's FINALLY spring here too this week and I love it so much. I ran in shorts, the run was awful, but at least I was in shorts!