Thursday, March 27, 2014

Three Things Thursday

A little late to the game here but at least I've got a post.  

1. Nursing school.   I had my first test today and I was totally nervous.   I had no idea what to expect.   I knew it was fifty questions but there was so much material covered in the first lab that you never know what they will ask.  

Pre-Test.   Nervous!
Thankfully as soon as you finish, you get your grade and I aced it!  Only a million tests left!

2. The girls are on spring break this week and it's hard to come up with things to do when the weather is not spring like.   I had dreams of taking them for walks, letting them play at the park and going for bike rides but unless we want to be covered in mud and snow and cold as can be, these things are just not happening.   Instead we've managed to do things like go to the mall and walk around.   Go to the YMCA and play.   Mike took them to Monkey Joe's today while I was at school.  

She stood like this for a good 2 minutes.   Not creepy at all.

We are all sort of bored with this spring break.  I'm ready for them to get back to school and I think Katelyn would prefer to be back at school too.   Kenzie just wants to do nothing.   That's her personality.  Sleep in.  Eat.   Play on the Kindle.   That's the good life.

3.   This dog.   He's my parents, sort of.   Was my sisters but it's a long story and now my parents have him for good.   He lives to be held like a baby.   And then within minutes he falls asleep.  

Yes.  One of my numbers was a dog sleeping.


  1. It's been pouring rain for 3 straight days and my hometown got like a foot of snow. This is no spring. That said, our spring break is two weeks away and I CAN'T WAIT regardless of weather.

  2. Congratulations on acing your test! I know you don't even know me, but I'm rooting for you. : ) Jennifer Genett Moorhead