Monday, March 24, 2014

Feeling better

Last week I had the IV Iron given to me on Thursday.   On Friday, they had me go in for another breast ultrasound to check things out there.   I have a very small amount of fat on my body from my belly button up (But I've got love handles, heeeyyy!) and because of this, it makes it very hard for me and any doctor that has felt my boobs to do a breast exam.   You feel all of the lumpy, bumpy breast tissue and lumpy and bumpy is not what you are "supposed" to feel when you do a self breast exam.    I am not new to this experience at all.   Back in 2004, they found a lump at my annual exam.   They sent me for an ultrasound and found the lump.   It was not a cyst.  They decided to have me come back for a biopsy but when I went back for the biopsy they changed their minds and decided to do another ultrasound again and also a mammogram.   Then they decided it was a non-cancerous tumor.   Apparently one that will never turn into cancer.   Good enough for me.  

Last year my primary care physician sent me again for another ultrasound.   She just wanted to be on the safe side with all of my blood results for the past year and because she did a breast exam and wasn't thrilled with how lumpy and bumpy they were.   This is also when she said to me "Oh you're so thin! I can feel your rib bone!"  while doing my breast exam.


How much are breast implants?  Anyone want to sponsor them for me?

So fast forward to Friday and here I am again.   Thankfully the ultrasound technician remembered me from last year and so it set the mood right away for being chill and not awkward.   We easily talked while I was naked from the top up.   She took the pictures she needed and then went and discussed them with the doctor.   He came in and asked me what brought me there so I explained everything.   He then looked around a little with the ultrasound wand and was so excited to tell me that everything was great looking and then proceeded to show me everything on the ultrasound itself.   He was showing me how it's great that my boobs were lumpy and bumpy because of the small layer of fat I have over my boobs.  He proceeded to put the ultrasound on my back to show me the "tiny" layer of fat I have on my body and then got super excited when he saw my back muscles in the ultrasound and asked me if I was a triathlete.  

So yeah.   Apparently all is good there.  

Now I honestly can tell a different with the IV Iron.   On Friday, I did my long run for the weekend.   I had 12 miles on the schedule and had to go out and do them solo again because of schedule conflicts.   I knew it would be fine with the Macklemore station on Pandora but the weather did become challenging.   I forgot how windy spring is.   I ended up changing my route a bit while I was out there to avoid the head wind as much as I could.   My legs were pretty dead and didn't feel like they warmed up until about 9 miles in but to my surprise my pace was very fast for me, especially for my long run pace.   Coincidence?   We will see!

Yesterday was nearly a perfect Sunday.    We laid around for the majority of the morning.  I finally showered and then my mother in law took the girls for the afternoon.

Kitty love is always first on Angelo's weekend schedule.

 Mike and I wanted to go eat breakfast somewhere but wanted to try something new so we went to WeatherVane in Downtown Menasha.   It was perfect!

I can see us making this a regular rotation.   The prices were very reasonable and the food was delicious.    Be sure to check their hours before you head there though.   They have very limited hours.

This week should be interesting.  They are doing a lot of construction to our house and the kids are off for spring break.   If the weather would just warm up so I could take the kids to the park!


  1. Glad to hear you got good results when you saw the dr. I've had one lump that went all the way to biopsy before I got the all clear. I felt like I lived at the dr's that month.

    Yay for a successful 12 mile run! Fingers crossed that the iron IV really helps you.

  2. I'm so glad you are feeling better and that it's being reflected in your running! Yay!

    I also have very 'lumpy' breasts, which is always fun when it comes to the yearly exam. Sigh.

    Your kitty is so cute and fluffy! I want to cuddle with him!!!!

  3. Ooo, that is a purrfect (ha) Sunday! I am happy you are feeling better and had a strong run!

  4. Hooray! Glad you are feeling better and your boobs are all good. If you find someone to sponsor your boob job, let me know. I want implants, too.

  5. I've never heard of this breast problem, but if I ever win the lottery, I'll throw you a bone.

  6. YAY for some good news, aren't boobs great?

  7. I have dense and fibrous (and smallish) breasts, too. I hate it when doctors make negative comments about your body. Like I don't get enough crap about small boobs from society in general.