Monday, November 4, 2013

Tyranena Half Marathon

Another half marathon in the books.  This one is a bit special because I was able to run it and stick together with my friends!  We all ran the Fox Cities Marathon and are pretty much done "Racing" for the year so we took it easy and enjoyed ourselves as much as we could while still having a semi respectable finish time.  

Tyranena is a beer run.   It's put on by a brewery and they give you free beer and delicious food after along with a tech tshirt (new this year) and a medal.   What isn't there to like about that?   The course is a hilly one though so you do have to work for it.   The race also has a late start, 11:30 am, so you're able to actually take your time and not feel rushed at 5am.

The race was good.   I wasn't in it as much as I would have liked but I pushed the best I could for that day.   At first I felt great but after the hills, my legs just sort of felt dead.  

All was great though because I was with my best running friends.   Rachel, Lish and I decided to dress in our Running Funky tights.   We tried soooo hard to get Matt to wear the musical note shorts I have but he declined the many times I suggested it. 

Once we were near the end, I was just ready to be done and drinking a beer.   I don't know why but Matt always tells me "only # times around the track!"  to try to motivate me when I'm bitching telling him how dead my legs are.  This was the day I told him that does not work for me.   Track running reminds me of speed work and speed work is tough as balls.   So when you tell me to run 3 times around the track, in my brain that is speed work of 1200's and that does not sound fun at all.   I don't know if any of that makes sense to anyone other than myself but I sort of just felt bad because all Matt was trying to do was make me speed up so he didn't have to slow down anymore and I totally shot down his encouragement.  

Then there it was.  The tents.   The finish.   I knew Lish and Rachel were directly behind Matt and I so I pushed.   This was what could encourage me.  Seeing the finish.   So as we turned the corner, I saw Matt was right next to me and he was looking back to see where Lish and Rachel were.   I took the eff off. I pushed as hard as I thought I could.   Then Matt realized what I was doing and kicked into his normal Matt mode and pushed twice as hard as me so I pushed EVEN HARDER.  I never knew I had that kind of kick in me after a half marathon.   He wants a photo finish and unfortunately, they do not have them for this race so we are stuck with this: 

He is less than thrilled that my name is listed before his....Sorry Matt.   We both know you are faster than me.  

After the race we sat around and drank some beer, ate a little and headed back to Rachel's house.   We all showered, ate some more and then drank some more before heading out to townie bars to drink some more.   We don't like drinking at all. 

At this point, things get a littttttle bit blurry. 

Overall, this was a great weekend.   I only get a couple away races a year and when you get to do them with people you love running with, it makes is so much better.   I look forward to our next race together! 


  1. You guys are so much fun! That sounds like a perfect day, minus the hills. Ha ha.

    I often tell myself "it's just once around the park" (800m) when I am near the end of a race, but, yeah. I think there is NOTHING to get me going at that point. LOL

  2. Um, your pants are amazing. AMAZING. I try to imagine myself 5 miles away from home sometimes at mile 21 of a marathon. It helps zero.

  3. Your tights! Those are awesome! I can't believe Matt would decline wearing the musical notes! HAHA! Great job on the half and getting to have fun with friends!