Sunday, July 20, 2014

The run that you almost couldn't call a run.

After 4 extremely long and grumpy weeks I finally decided to give my foot a good try at running and see how it would go.   The good news is that it didn't really hurt during the run.   The bad news is that it hurts after the run again and felt pretty much like it did previously.    At this point.   Oh well.   I am over it.   I can't get a straight diagnosis to save my life, even with an MRI in there.   I have decided I'm just going to run for a while and see how that goes.   Obviously if the pain gets to "this sucks a lot" point, I might have to reassess.

We did 5 miles to ease back into running and it was just as bad as you would expect after dropping cardio out of your life entirely for 4 weeks.   .75 of a mile in and I was begging for the watch to sound for 1 mile.   I was breathing heavy and bitching the entire time and pretty much was the whiniest I've been in a long long time.    I just truly hate being the one that makes someone elses run suck that bad.

What I looked like the entire time.

I did a whole lot of nothing this weekend.   My plan was to be outside as much as possible and that was sort of a success as I went to a bar outside and then I also went to a restaurant outside.    Besides that, I planned to go to the pool with the kids on Saturday and Sunday and they ditched me both days to hang out with their grandmas.   There's possibly something wrong with that picture but whatevs.

This week I also finished my Anatomy and Physiology class.   It feels great that I will get enough time off to enjoy some of the summer.   Not that I don't love learning A&P.   It's fun....

If A&P did anything, it made me more nervous for what's to come.  

This week I only work two days and I plan on getting to the pool at least two of the other days.   No taking no for an answer this time!   They are stuck with me.  The summer is so short that I want to be outside the entire time as long as it's warm.  

Friday, July 18, 2014

Three Things Thursday (A Day Late!)

1.  On Wednesday I went to get a second opinion on my foot.  It started off oddly.   She looked at my MRI results and went on saying how she doesn't like MRI's because they will find a lot of things wrong but none of them could be the cause of the pain.   She went on to ask where my pain was and not give me a clear diagnosis as well.  Finally toward the end of the discussing I asked her point blank what she thought was wrong with my foot because prior to this she just was going over what WASN'T wrong with my foot.    She said she thinks I could have some instability in my foot causing the pain.   Huh.   That's a lot of pain for instability.   I just don't get it.   She recommends custom orthotics.   I asked if she could show me a way to tape it until my orthotics came in (3ish weeks) and she said that Podiatrists hate taping and that's more of a physical therapist thing.   Again...I was sort of just speechless.   I'm going to try to run on Saturday.   I will see how it feels and go from there.   I don't know what else to do.   She said it can take 1-3 months to feel better and even then, it can come back.   Wonderful.

2.  Me and the girls went raspberry picking on Wednesday for the very first time.   It's so different then strawberry picking!  I literally worked in the same space the entire time and only moved about 2 feet down the line and managed to pick all of these.

Raspberry picking is a bit messier though and also they have thorns and will scratch the heck out of your legs.

The kids managed to pick only one of those pints.   They just kept picking them and eating them and don't even want to imagine just how many they consumed during that 30 or so minutes.

3.  I finished my Anatomy and Physiology class!  I even managed to finish it two weeks early.   Holy crap, I actually get a few weeks off this summer and I'm so excited.   I am nervous for the full time schooling to start in the fall.   So far I have only been part time and even that is hard enough on my brain.   Here's to another check mark on the list of classes to complete!  Only another year and a half left!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A life without running is no life for me.

So without running, I'm pretty much losing my mind.   As this point I still do not know when I will be able to get back out there and attempt to run again.   I made an appointment for a second opinion and that is on Wednesday so I will wait until that and see what they say about my injury.   I've been keeping busy with lifting but there is a cardio void that needs to be filled.

Just because I can't run, doesn't mean I don't go to running events.   Actually it does but I made one exception.   PaceSetters held a run/pool party and while others were running, I was sitting around the pool drinking beer.   It worked out well until the next morning when my hangover was fierce.   Why are my hangovers sooo bad with old age?

I was probably drunk here

I've also been working on my tan because what else can I do?   I decided to take my kids to the pool this past week and my day started like this:

And ended like this:

It's hard to tell from the blood filled wound but that cut was deep.  I knew the second she came up to me screaming that it needed to be glued/sutured.   After a while I finally got the story on what happened.   She was running in the shallow water, as was another girl.   They collided and Katelyn had her goggles on.   Katelyn's goggles hit the other girls forehead and the goggles cut her.   They cut her deep, man.

I don't really understand how goggles could cause such an injury but once I inspected the goggles (well known brand will remain nameless for now) I saw that the inside had a very sharp edge right below the plastic suction area.   Seems like a design flaw to me.  

For now, she's sporting one heck of a shiner and looks pretty tough.

1 day after 
3 days after.   

And since we are on the topic of Katelyn.   How is it possible that my baby can wear women's shoes?   She fits in them quite nicely.   It's super surreal to me.  

Hopefully I will have some good news after Wednesday and they will magically say I can run soon (I doubt it).    If not, you can find me at one of the local bars.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Well this sucks

I knew something was up with my foot even before The Longest Day.   It was painful the first run after Cellcom and hasn't quit since.   I could get about a mile in and then the pain would creep in like the first beer on an empty stomach.  You could feel it and then it would continuously get worse until eventually it went numb.

 I went to see the Podiatrist prior to the longest day and the minimal explanation and diagnosis left me uncertain of what to do next.   She had done an X-Ray and confirmed there was no break but nothing else was exactly discussed.   I wondered if a cortisone shot would work so I called back and she refused to give me one until I had an MRI done.    So lets do it.   Here are the findings:

I still am not sure what to make of it or how long the recovery will take.   I can't find anything conclusive on Dr. Google.    My doctor said that wearing athletic shoes, rest, ice, etc would help recovery and that it could take anywhere from 1-3 months before it is healed.   That seems like a really long window of time with nothing more I can do but rest it.    I'm probably over thinking this and just hating the fact that I can't run for who knows how long but this sucks.  

Anyone have any information on this and any suggestions?  

And just so this post isn't completely stupid with crappy injury talk, I have this.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Longest Day

In years past, I've had a less direct connection to this event.  Kim and Rachel are the originators of this idea and this year they decided to do things a little differently and make our team larger.   They wanted more miles.   More people involved.   More donations.   They were successful in all of the above.   The Alzheimer Association's The Longest Day is when you take one activity and do it for 16 hour continuously on the longest day of the year, June 21st.   Kim and Rachel had this crazy idea to take turns and run/walk 16 hours.

  With the size of the team this year, we were able to run and walk however and whenever we wanted as long as one member of the team was on the track at all times.   We took turns running with different people and we each started off with our own goals in mind for the day, mine being a 50k.

We walked the first lap together as well as the last lap of the day.

The weather was weird.   Foggy and cool but humid.   It stayed that way for the majority of the day as well.  

The days was amazing.   It's really hard to put it into words all the emotions you feel during those 16 hours.  At one point late in the day we had a marching band do a lap around the track.   It was just the lift we all needed at that point.

Full Marathon Completed

In the end of the day, we had ran/walked over 700 miles together.   I have a new distance record of 43.25 miles.   Like I said, it's hard to put into words all the feelings of the day.   It's a long day.   It's hard.   I lost a toe nail and had several blisters as a result but that's all worth it when you can raise thousands of dollars for a cause that means so much to us.  

We are still taking donations and if you can spare a few dollars we appreciate it.  You can donate here:;jsessionid=E8A07758B3BCBCE20ED0716BBF2D67E5.app207a?fr_id=5860&pg=team&team_id=198306

Team Running To Remember

Monday, June 2, 2014

Photo Dump

Even though I can not for the life of me seem to construct one relevant post, I do have a lot of pictures on my phone that I can dump on here that supports the fact that I do indeed have some sort of a life.  

Last weekend we went to the wedding of one of my oldest friends.   She and I have been through a lot through the years but we always manage to keep in touch, even though we no longer live near each other.   It was so beautiful and well done.  

"Mint to Be"

They did fire grilled pizzas 

Yes, he's smiling.   He'll never hear the end of his non-smile

This weekend Katelyn did another 5k.   I was volunteering at it so I figured I'd see if she would want to tag along and run it.   She did and she's happy she did.   She placed 1st for 9 and under girls for the 5k.

Going up to get her medal

But that wasn't good enough.   She found out the kids runs get a trophy so then she wanted to do one of them.   For her age, she had to do the half mile and thankfully she was fast enough after the 5k to get 2nd place and a trophy as well.

It was a very warm race that morning so I promised her this after the race:

We had no spring again here in Wisconsin and the weather went from 40's to straight up 70-80's.   Thankfully we have easy access to a pool whenever we need.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Random Numbered Post

This is my attempt at a post.   I am hitting some major writers block when it comes to the blog right now.   I am just so busy blah blah blah and no one wants to hear about it.

1.  I am working full time.   I never intended to work full time right now but to train me for the position, I have to be full time for now.   It's been about 3 weeks of full time and I'm dying.   Don't get me wrong.   I'm happy to have a job and I'm happy with my job but I am going from student only to student and full time work and it's a big change.    Help me!

2.  I just got my syllabus for the Anatomy and Physiology class I am taking this summer and I just about died.   Then I picked up my books and died a bit more on the inside.   I opened the book and had no idea what I was reading and my brain just went numb.   The class doesn't officially start until tomorrow but the email I woke up to on Tuesday (everyone's Monday) said "This is a very face paced class and I urge everyone to keep on track."  

3.   The kids only have one week of school left.   Then things will really get interesting.   We always go through the first couple of weeks making adjustments.   The kids get all excited to be out of school and then they realize how boring it really is so then they just attempt to drive me crazy with all the "Can we go somewhere?!" "Can you take us to Grandmas to swim?" "I have nothing to do!"  I am watching The Wonder Years on Netflix right now and when Kevin Arnold said that to his dad, his dad got him a job mowing the neighbors lawn all summer.    I think I need to take up this strategy.   Then they will never tell me how they have nothing to do ever again.

4.  I am not running this week.   I ran on Saturday and Tuesday and my foot has some really weird pain so I'm stopping now and going to take a full week off.   I think my body will be happy anyway since I just finished training for the Green Bay Marathon.    It's always hard not to run though and you feel like such a lazy person but I am still lifting so at least I have that.    I went two weeks without lifting much (only two days) and then this week I went back into it beast mode and now my whole body feels broken.   It's crazy how fast your body forgets.

I think that's it.   All of that is pretty much taking up my entire life right now.   My biggest problem is this:   When you work 8-5, when exactly do you call companies, make appointments, or get anything done?   By the time you get out of work, everything is closed.    I get a 30 minute lunch but to be honest, I pretty much take all of the time to eat, pee and walk to and from the OB/GYN clinic I am currently working in.